Laura J. Schroeder
Artistry for Hair and Face
Our Services

Let us Focus...on You
Focus...On Cutting
For Men amd Women:  Includes shampoo, conditioning with aroma therapy scalp massage, and blow dry styling

From $60.00 and up

Deep Conditioning...$15.00 add on

Focus...On Styling

Blow Dry Styling:

From $40.00 and up

Formal Styling:

From $80.00 and up

Focus...On Color
Includes blow dry styling

Regrowth Color

From $70.oo and up

Regrowth with Color Balancing

From $85.00 and up

Focus...On Dimension
Includes blow dry styling

Sectional Foiling:

From $90.00 and up

Full Foiling:

From $120.00 and up

Focus...On Texture
Includes blow dry styling

Permanent Waving

From $120.00 and up

Permenant Straightening:

From $70.00 and up

Focus...On the Face

Brow Clean Up...$15.00

Brow Tweezing...$20.00

Lip Wax...$15.00

Chin Wax...$15.00
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